about us

The Stuff of Dreams

A group of like minded auto enthusiasts came together to reimagine the excitement sustainable engineering can bring to electric bikes.

We have a history of challenging the status
quo and pushing the boundaries.

A firefly creates its own light

the symbol of defiance

We picked a firefly to symbolise the self sufficient nature of the LAPA machinery. Controlling every aspect of production gave us the means to make our dreams a reality, with no compromise.

Built with the best of the world, right here in India

EVs don’t scream performance, made in India doesn’t scream excitement. We are here to change that. Conceptualised and produced entirely in India, Lapa brings the best in the world to the country.

travel beyond your senses

Innovation has always come from a fantastical idea at which one person refused to laugh.

We aim for more than is asked, our dreams are outlandish and our resolve strong. At LAPA we build to outdo your dreams.


The future of luxury, an invention from tomorrow, Lapa Electric is the mobility revolution. With high technology driven R&D, Lapa Electric manufactures
your fantasy


We dreamt of a scenario where innovation was human centric, keeping human emotions that they serve at the centre of it


At Lapa we use futuristic technology to craft materials and automobiles that belong in your wildest fantasies.