Battery Design Engineer

• Job title: Battery Design Engineer
• Designation: Technical Lead – Battery Design
• Required Experience: 3+ year experience in Li battery pack design
• Package:
• Roles / Responsibilities
 Defining battery pack specification from stakeholder’s rough and conflicting requirements, identification of right battery configuration, cell chemistry, pack configuration, cell specification to meet the high level of vehicle safety, performance and regulatory demands.
 Lead/Perform thermal, mechanical and electrical simulation to verify the various mechanical, thermal and electrical parameters lie in required range.
 Identify and implement correct thermal management system to keep the battery in optimal temperature in all driving and fault conditions.
 Perform FMEA, identify potential hazards, analyse effects and consequences and implement corrective measures for the possible failure cases.
 Identify suitable Battery pack manufacturing methods and materials for optimizing battery cost and reliability.
 Lead the Battery pack testing activities throughout development and production phase.

• Skills Needed

 Strong understanding about battery technologies, key performance metric, trade off analysis etc.
 Deep understanding about cell failure mechanism, thermal runaway, cell impedances variation, SOH, and other factors affecting life cycles,
 Strong knowledge regarding cell heat generation, conductive and convective heat transfer
 Sound understanding about heat transfer methods, heat absorption and heat transfer materials, thermal fillers, Phase change material etc.
 Good understanding about various cell charge and discharge behaviours, SOC estimation,
 Knowledge about SOC, SOH, DOD, SOP, SOE etc.
 Knowledge about battery temperature sensors, its location and placement and assembly methods
 Bus bar design, Connector selection, heat sink calculation
 Knowledge about battery certification, ARAI approval
 Knowledge about BMS functions and its implication on battery performance

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